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Totto chan book cover Totto Chan The Little Girl at the Window

Totto-Chan The Little Girl at the Window

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced level.

This best-selling children’s book is regarding early childhood education written by a famous Japanese celebrity, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

It’s been the most popular book in China for decades. Some educators even tried to build up such schools as described as this book. The principal respected every single child and protected their best qualities born with them are very remarkable. He stressed the rhythms in education and nurtured children’s sensory and hearts sound like Waldorf education.

Amazingly, these were true stories happened in 30’s to 40’s of the twentieth century. It was introduced to China in 1981. Some quotes translated in Chinese are very beautiful. Hope you will enjoy the beauty of Chinese language by reading the best book of my favorites.

“绿蛙落古池,寂寂闻水声” ……看到青蛙跳到池水中的,肯定不止松尾芭蕉一人。看到沸腾的水顶起铁壶盖、苹果落地的,也一定不止瓦特和牛顿。 世界上最可怕的事情,莫过于有眼睛却发现不了美,有耳朵却不会欣赏音乐,有心灵却无法理解什么是真。不会感动,也不会充满激怀… 很多时候我们其实是茫然的状态,并不知晓我们对孩子的教育到底是好还是坏?每个孩子天生就是一个天使,只是慢慢被世俗所污染。


Totto chan drawing


“吃饭的时候,应当尽量让心情愉快。不要急匆匆地吃完,而要花点儿时间,一边说着各种话题一边吃比较好。” 校长先生总是这么说。而且,先生还认为: “以后,孩子们能够在别人面前,清楚、自由、毫不羞涩地表达出自己的想法,是绝对必要的。”


实行旋律教育法,将会使性格变得和谐而优美。这种性格既高尚又坚强,正直而又能顺从自然的规律。” 音乐不仅有优美令人沉醉的旋律,而且还有动感十足的节奏感。绝对可以培养心灵的教育方法。

作者: 黑柳彻子(日本)

About the author

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (黑柳彻子 Kuroyanagi Tetsuko) (born August 9, 1933 in Tokyo) is an internationally famous Japanese actress, a talk show host, an author of a best-selling children's book, a World Wide Fund for Nature adviser, and a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She is well known for her charitable works, and is considered as one of the first Japanese celebrities who achieved international recognition. In 2006, Donald Richie referred to Kuroyanagi in his book Japanese Portraits: Pictures of Different People as "the most popular and admired woman in Japan."


Tetsuko Kuroyanagi