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What I Have Seen

看 见


What I Have Seen
by Chai jing

what have i seen

What I Have Seen is an autobiography of Chai Jing, a well-known reporter and host, telling about her 10-year experiences at CCTV. The book is Chai Jin's confession for her growth. It can also be regarded, to a certain extent, as a memorandum of the changes of Chinese society in the past ten years. Ten years ago, Chai suffers setback due to lack of experiences after she was selected and became a news anchor at the national television. She became a field reporter during the period of SARS. The cut skin feeling brought by the reality of life, contributes to her breaking away from the superficial and self-oriented restrictions. She obtains a more broad and deep understanding of life and humanity. During this 10 Years, Chai Jing appears at the scenes of almost all important events, such as: SARS, the Wenchuan earthquake, NPC & CPPCC sessions and Beijing Olympics ... She also participated in the production of rigid surveys and reports on events such as : storm of South China Tiger photos and the land acquisition. In the book, she records the moving details in the grand narratives, leaving her private footnotes for the era. As always, Chai Jing sees and records the individuals in the news who have given her a strong impression of life. Everyone is deeply embedded in the world. No one can be just a bystander, because everyone will experience what others have experienced. The people and things that have been recorded in the book are not only the lives of others, but also of yours and mine.





Chinese Pinyin English
自由 zì yóu freedom
盲从 máng cóng follow blindly
公民 gōng mín citizen
公民 fú cóng obedience
宪法 xìan fă Constitution
Chinese Pinyin English
独立 dú lì independence
奴隶 nú lì slave
诉讼 sù sòng lawsuit
观点 guān diăn perspective
卑躬屈膝 bēi gōng qū xī groveling





Chinese Pinyin English
佩服 pèi fú admire
超能 chāo néng super power
唤醒 huàn xĭng awaken
Chinese Pinyin English
无能 wú néng incapable
期待 qī dài expectation
灵魂 líng hún soul